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HELP Shelterbelt Tree Program

This is an important notice regarding the HELP Shelterbelt Program proposed free tree, free mulch and free drip irrigation supply program under the federal government’s 2 Billion Tree Initiative.

Please find important documents below:

A) Free Trees, Free Mulch, Free Drip Irrigation Program Update to RMs.

B) Sask. Landowner Application for Free Trees, Plastic Mulch, and Drip Irrigation.

The program deadline has been extended to March 31. After consultations with the 2 Billion Tree Program folks in Ottawa, the program has been upgraded.

For an RM to qualify we require seven residents from the same RM to apply.


Rodney Sidloski,

CEO & Lead Researcher

HELP International  And

Green Research & Discovery Corp

Tel: 306-842-2433


2022 Retired Member of Council

Rick decided to retire from his position as Division 2 Councillor after serving on council since 2012.  Rick brought a lot of great ideas and contributed in such an amazing way to Council and he will be missed around the table.

Retiring members of Council

On behalf of the Council and the ratepayers of the RM of Souris Valley No. 7 I would like to congratulate and thank the following members of Council who have retired:
Larry Skjerdal was the Division 3 Councillor from 1981-2020

Robert Forrester was the Division 4 Councillor from 2003-2016 and was Reeve from 2016-2020.

Thank you both for your many years of service to the Council, the Community and the Ratepayers.

2020 Council

Congratulations to the acclaimed members of Council

Glenn Walkeden – Reeve
James Joice – Division 1 Councillor
Kevin Skjerdal – Division 3 Councillor

and the newly elected member of Council

Garry Kuntz – Division 5 Councillor

These members along with:
Rick Chapman – Division 2 Councillor
Curtis Forrester – Division 4 Councillor
Mervin Hutt – Division 6 Councillor

make up the 2020-2022 RM of Souris Valley No. 7 Council.